Poongar Rice – Best for Expecting Mothers

Poongaar Rice is full of the nutrients required for a pregnant woman. Almost 1000 years ago, it was a staple part of the diet for pregnant women to help the formation of healthy lineage but now many of us haven’t even heard of this rice’s name. Just like the baby is dependent on the mother for nutrition, the mother was dependant on Poongaar rice for the required nutrition. This rice takes around 70 days for full growth which is shorter compared to most rice. Per year, it can be grown three to five times. In 1952, when Tamil Nadu was hit with floods, most of the crops were damaged but farmers were able to save Poongaar rice. This is a unique rice that can grow in the driest of lands and also in the lands flooded with water. The best quality of all traditional rice is that it doesn’t have only carbohydrates as its nutrition content and Poongaar rice is no exception. Even though carbohydrates are more in this rice, the fiber content in the outer part aids digestion. Its husk and porridge both are very nutritious and tasty. It is also very suitable for making idli and dosa.  The ionic nutrients are more which helps strengthen blood cells. It also increases the production of blood. Mainly, it eases pregnancy and increases lactation. It is very helpful in curing most women’s hormonal issues. This article is to create awareness about natural remedies available for Dengue. Treatments must be always done under the supervision or advice of an expert doctor and not based on self-judgment.

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