Sarvangadhara is a treatment process in which herbal oil, medicated milk, buttermilk, etc. is poured in a continuous stream all over the body. This helps to soothe the frayed nerve ends, promotes circulation, relieves stress and strain, relaxes muscles, and induces sleep. The treatment is intended to alleviate memory loss, lack of vitality, migraine, ENT disorders, neurological cases, spondylosis, and paraplegia.

A steady stream of warm herbal oil – some 3 to 4 liters of it – will be poured in a rhythmical fashion over the entire body. Cotton, cloth, or kindi (a traditional brass instrument shaped like a pot, which is used for pouring) will then be used to deliver the oil in a rhythmical fashion to every region of the body. A full-body massage is then done by 2 therapists.

Sarvanga Dhara is highly dependent on the patient’s type of Dosha (internal body type). It is effective against degenerative diseases such as Arthritis and Spondylosis, pains such as muscular pains and joint stiffness, sexual weaknesses, and menstrual problems. Sarvanga Dhara is also an excellent treatment to relieve certain skin problems, and it also happens to be the best treatment for sunburn.

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