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What is Vamanam?

Vamanam or ‘therapeutic vomiting’ is one of the five Panchakarma therapies in Ayurveda. It is indicated for diseases caused by vitiated Kapha. It is done for chronic diseases like sinusitis, diabetes, skin diseases, tonsillitis, thyroid, diseases of head and neck, gastritis, obesity, etc.

What is The Procedure?

Vamanam treatment is carried out in the early morning on an empty stomach when the Kapha is intense. The night before the Vamanam therapy, Kapha aggravating foods like curds, sweets, pastries, black gram will be consumed by the patient. Fish can also be given to non-vegetarians.

Early next morning, a tailor-made medicated drink is given to the patient for the stimulation of emesis. Waste products (vitiated Kapha) are eliminated through the upper gastrointestinal tract. The whole procedure will be over by sunrise. Proper rest is advised after undergoing the Vamanam therapy.

How does Vamanam work?

Snehana (unction) and Swedana (sudation) are adapted to loosen and mobilize the toxins, in an effort to eliminate toxins from the body. The special medicated drink taken in the morning will pull these toxins out of the body through Vamanam, after being brought to the Gastro-Intestinal tract.

Other treatments

Diseases generally treated by Vamanam

  1. Asthma
  2. Sinusitis
  3. Certain types of Psoriasis
  4. Dandruff
  5. Cholesterol and triglycerides
  6. COPD
  7. PCOD
  8. Certain types of headache

Vamanam isn’t Advisable When

One is Pregnant
One is dehydrated or nauseated
One is suffering from Heart Diseases
One has defective vision
One has Ascites
One has Piles
One is suffering from giddiness
One is aged, emaciated or a child 
One is bleeding in the upper part of the body and many more…

Treatments must be done under the supervision or advice of a certified Ayurvedic Doctor and not based on self-judgment.


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What Our Patients Say About Us?


Nithya AS

I found to have diabetes just 3 months back. My sugar was around 200+ .I didn’t want to go to any alloathic doctor as they will ask to take medicine life long. I saw Dr Aravind in youtube and was impressed by his speech. I went to him in Jan and he gave me Ayurvedic medicines and diet chart for diabetes reversal. It’s been 3 months now and now all medicines are stopped and as he promised my sugar levels are 105 fasting and 93 post prandial. I was shocked to see the results. All diabetes patients can go to him blindly. Just listen to his instructions. Your diabetes will be reversed.


Sivasankari Thathathreyan

Myself and my husband tested positive last month, and we came to know about ayurshi ayurveda thru our family member, and we have started taking ayurveda medicines from day one, within 7 days started feeling back to normal, Special thanks to Dr Arvind bharadwaj and team for providing constant support over phone for any kind of clarifications and medicines delivery also on time. Now we both completely recovered. We need to follow strict diet as prescribed by doctor along with medicines and belief.


Vasanth K

I am so happy and feel excellent pain relief after the treatment done just second day. I had severe shoulder joint pain for the past few months. Now I can say I am much better , no pain after treatment and I hope I will be completely all right very soon. I really appreciate Mr Vishnu who has done the treatment in the required method and done perfectly as per Doctor’s advise. And Dr and all staffs were well care in the hospital and treatment room. This is best place to get the right treatment for any type of health problems. Thank you.