Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an Auto Immune disorder. If the immune system starts to attack our own healthy tissues, it’s called an Auto Immune disorder.

In RA the immune system causes damage, throughout the body, especially the joints. In the case of RA usually, both sides of the body are affected.

Ayurvedic Perspective

Ayurveda has an interesting take on RA. The same condition called Rheumatoid arthritis can be considered as Ama Vata or Vata Raktha or Sandhi Gata Vata. Symptomatically all the 3 are more or less the same, but the origin of the disease differentiates the category. The treatment for each category is very different. In fact, the treatments are the complete opposite for Ama Vata and Vata Raktha. It’s very tricky to diagnose and the Vaidya must have a thorough theoretical knowledge and good practical knowledge.


Increased intake of heavy and incompatible foods
Taking a meal at untimely intervals
Constant indigestion
Daily Intake of curds
Regular intake of meat of marine animals
Sedentary Lifestyle


Joint pain
Joint swelling
Joint stiffness
Loss of joint function

Diet and Lifestyle Advice

It highly depends on the type of RA.
However, some basic things to be avoided are

  1. Curds
    2. Day sleep
    3. Overeating
    4. Cool drinks


Depending on the stage and chronicity, treatments are decided. Ayurveda has a wide range of herbal and herbo-mineral medicines which have great capability to naturally subside the swelling and pain.

Treatments like Ela kizhi, Podi kizhi, Sastika shali kizhi, Janu Vasti, Abhyangam, Sarvanga taila dhara, Takradhara, Virechana panchakarma and many more have a good track record of treating RA.

Vasti panchakarma for RA

The treatment of RA is incomplete without doing Vasti. Especially for chronic cases, Vasti does wonders. In many cases, especially for the acute ones, instant relief at the end of Vasti therapy has been observed.

Medicines are prescribed by the doctor after a thorough examination of the patient. Treatments must be done under the supervision or advice of a certified Ayurvedic Doctor and not based on self-judgment.


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